Knots Away Massage                           60/90min  79/108
A deeply relaxing massage that eases away tired muscles, increases 
circulation and stimulates the skin and nervous system while creating a sense of relaxed well being.
Deeper Knots Away Body Massage    60/90min  89/ 118
you will be treated to a deep tissue massage which delves deeply to
relieve muscle tension.  The deep manipulation along the pressure points relieve aching muscles and rebalance the body.  You will be left feeling stress free and rejuvenated.

New Feet Reflexology Massage         30/45min  54/64
The ancient understanding is that each organ of the body corresponds to a reflex
point in the feet, this massage uses these points to unlock tension & stress.  It will
stimulate circulation, rellease energy and releive stress throughout the body.

Mom to be Massage                          60min       89
Designed for the mom to be in her second or third trimester, this gentle massage
focuses on the discomfort of pregnancy, increases skin elasticity, nourishes the 
skin, and ease tired and tense muscles.

Hot Stone Massage                            60/90min  94/124
Smooth, rounded basalt stones are heated in water and aplied to the body,
as an extention of the therapists hands.  The heat within the stones penetrates
your muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation without ouverheating.  Helps dissolve
blocked energy, improves circulation and restores balance.

Craniosacral Massage                        60/90min   94/124
Craniosacral massage gently massages your body including the bones, spine,
pelvis, skull and soft body tissues, and allow the spinal fluid to flow in a natural  
manner.  It improves the resistance power of the body, functioning of the nervous 
system and enhances overall health.

Aromatherapy Massage                     60/90min   94/118
The massage deeply penetrates the tissues while  the custom selected aroma's 
transport your body and mind to a place of clarity and relaxation.  Unique essential 
oil blends work to heal the nervous system while soothing the mind.  This technique
infuses the body with energy and leaves you feeling vibrant and refreshed.

Reiki                                                    60min   89
Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows everyone
to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enjoy a good quality of life.